Prom 2016

It’s a good thing you’ll receive your tuition payments on the 24th, because ’t Reactievat organizes a prom for HLO, MLO and introducées on the 24th of march. The prom will start at 21:00 PM and is located at de Waagh (Grote Markt 26, Nijmegen). At the entrance you’ll receive a drink and you can make a picture with all your friends. This year, the Early birds can join a ballroom dance course. This takes place from 21:00 to 22:00 and you can join voluntarily. In presale a ticket will cost €5,-. You can buy a ticket at the canteen, but you can also reserve a ticket by sending an E-mail to It’s also possible to buy a ticket at the entrance, but this will cost €7,50. Hint: de Waagh serves ‘de Waaghap’. For just €8,95 you’ll receive an appetizer and a main dish. Perfect to combine with the prom! Dress- and suit up, because unfortunately you can’t come in when you’re not in prom-style. Hopefully we’ll see you on the 24th! ‘t Reactievat Prom 24th of march from 21:00 PM De Waagh (Grote Markt 26)
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