Hello everyone! It’s time for a new event, and this time it will be (drumroll): The Labquiz! The quiz will take place on 21st of April in the Bascafé. And as you could already guess, the questions are all about things involving HLO. You could think of: Intro 2015, the parties, Chemistry, bio-medical, bio-informatics, the teachers, the building and more..! Does this sound like music to your ears? Then it’s possible to register yourself or with a group (max 6 members). Participating is totally free! And on top of that, beer and wine will be only 2 euro this evening. And if you’d like to explore the Bascafé beforehand, or you really enjoyed the labquiz, Bascafé is having bottles special beers for only 2,50! To reserve a spot, Please email to: Don't forget to mention your name and the group size. We’d like to see you on the 21st in the Bascafé, In de Betouwstraat 16 in Nijmegen. Doors open at 19:00, game will start at 19:30, be sure to be on time!
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